Sunday, 26 February 2017

Summative time

Time to apply what we had been learning....
We were presented with the task of identifying the forces that we encounter while playing different sports in our daily lives. We also had to identify which of Newtons forces played a role in that sport.

We worked on putting together our experiment journal. We reviewed the elements of a non fiction book through this.

Summative assessment
We dug into our understanding of force by a Kahoot quiz

Multiple choices 

Mouse trap
For our final summative task we were presented with a challenge to create a mouse/maze trap that would make the ball move the fastest. We had to apply our understanding of how forces affect the movement of things in our everyday lives.

Planning our mouse trap design

Collecting materials for building the trap

Off we started on making our trap.....

Finaly it was time to test our designs. We tested our trap with 3 different kinds of balls/marbles. Based on our observations made changes and selected the one that went the fastest for our final presentation.

Presentation time
Sharing our Mouse traps with our PYP friends

Some of our teachers went all out in testing our master peices.....The enthusiasm they had was awesome!!!!!! 

Image result for wink

Thank you mommies and daddies, your presence meant a lot to our budding scientists.

In Language, we worked on completeing our biography on a famous inventor

After spending some time planning and researching, it was now time to write the first draft ....

Editing and revising.........Publishing the final draft

In Math, we reviewd our concept of multiplication with BUILD time

We have also been busy using our understanding of multpiplcation to understand the concept of division. We learnt and explored the two differnt meanings of division.

Equal distribution meaning of division

Repeated subtraction meaning of division

Practicing and strenghtening our division understanding....

We would like to thank all the parents who took time out to come and attend our workshop to understand how assessment is done in PYP at EIS.