Sunday, 22 February 2015

Ad blitz

What an adful week!!!

We have been learning about media and advertising. To give learning more meaning we were given a task to design and advertisement. We chose to advertise the school for the coming year.

A look into the journey we took to design these ads.
We began with understanding different forms of mediums in advertising and looking at different forms of advertisements.

After a thorough understanding of the same we looked at different ads in the newspaper. (print ads)

Post a discussion about what components should go in the advertisement we sat in our groups and began with designing our ad layouts.

Some of the layouts we designed.....

Once the layouts were ready with the help of our teacher we put our plans into shape using Word.

Finally our advertisements were ready to be printed.

Take a look......

Once they were printed it was time to display them around.

A big Thank you to Ms. Delnaz for guiding us  through this process of ad making.

Talking die
Through this game we reviewed all the different techniques that are used by advertisers.

Along with designing ads for the school we were busy designing a scrap book on our trip to Nilshi.
We put in our pre trip and post trip reflections and captured our memories in the scrap book.

Here is a sneak peek at our scrap book -

This week we also took time to think about the learner profile "Thinker."

In Math, we continued to work on fractions. 
B.U.I.L.D. time