Monday, 26 January 2015

Would you really buy that???

This week we have been busy trying to understand and identify the different techniques that are used by advertisers to persuade the consumer to buy their products. We began with understanding what are advertisements and consumers.

We began with understanding what are facts and opinions.

We used that understanding to look at different ads to identify the facts v/s opinions in them.

Using the bus stop strategy we looked at 4 different ads and tried to identify the target and purpose of the ads. Looking at them more critically we also tried to identify how the ad was trying to convince us of their opinions.

We then moved on to see how these facts or opinions were presented in ads to convince the consumer to buy the product. Watching different ads helped us understand the different techniques used by advertisers.

Looking at different print ads to spot the techniques used in the ads.

Searching for ads that showed the techniques we had learnt.

Sharing with our friends the ads that we found.

Stay tuned to find out how we will apply these strategies!!!!!

As advertising is all about persuasion, we are learning about persuasive text in Language. We looked at different persuasive texts and identified the key features of persuasive writing. We brainstormed the different things we want and are trying to persuade and get our point of view accepted. We are using the OREO technique for the same.

In Math, we have been looking at mixed fractions.