Saturday, 6 December 2014

Interview time

This week we began by reviewing letter writing and using our knowledge of the same to write emails to the different people in the school to ask for interview appointments.

We compared an email and letter using a T chart.

We thought about what are the questions we would like to ask that will help us understand and connect to the central idea of our UOI. Now, we were ready to interview and find out the different responsibilities of the different people in the Edubridge team. A big Thank you to everyone for giving us your valuable time.

We tried to think and understand how the different people and the jobs they do are interconnected to each other. We tried to understand the same by brainstorming the entire process that took place for planning our first field trip of this year.

This exercise helped us understand how everyone worked together to help achieve the common goal of the Grade 3 field trip.

We spent some more time in the school library to understand a few more things bout organisation of the library. Ms. Nirmala and Ms. Julie showed us how the labels for the spine of the book are printed using the Dewey decimal system. The books were now finally ready to go up on the book shelves in the library.

In Language we looked at different acrostic poems and made a few of our own too!!

We started with a simple one -

We also composed one on together as that is what our UOI is all about.
    Teamwork is a success when
         One stands behind the other
Gives and share ideas
Encourage each other
 Try and solve problems
                Hand in hand and
               Everyone fulfills their
Responsibility on time

We took it further by challenging ourselves and wrote acrostic poems on the different people we interviewed. We looked at our notes that we collected through the interview and made acrostic poems to show what are the different responsibilities of the staff.

In Math we have been learning about 3D shapes. We began by using all the waste material that we had to make something. Voila!!! We created a space robot. Once we were done with that, we identified the shapes we had used for the same. 
We learnt what is a vertex, face and edge

We explored the shapes to find out how many faces, edges and corners they have.

This week, we also started working on a project with our friends from Grade 1 & 5. Stay tuned to see the complete project.