Friday, 22 August 2014

Our first unit of Inquiry - Where we are in place and time

We began our new unit this week. We tuned in by coloring the outline map with the colors we think the Earth looks like. We brainstormed what these colors reminds us of.

               We used the Y chart to think about how the Earth looks like .....sounds like..... feels like.

       As part of our prior assessment we shared and discussed with our friends what the puzzles looked like          and what they reminded us of .

  A glimpse into what our friends and we thought while looking at the pictures.....

                        It was a challenging for us to unfold the central idea but...... we finally figured it out.

This week we also spent some time understanding the PYP concepts. Thank you Ms. Cecilia and Grade 5 for the lovely session.We used the understanding to think of questions that would help us learn more about our unit of inquiry based on the concepts we are going to cover through this unit.

In Math, we have begun working with place value. Place value is important because it helps us understand the meaning of a number. If everyone used numbers randomly no one would know which numbers people meant. We need place value to understand the order as numbers as well.

In Language, we read the story  'The Gruffalos child' and wrote our first reading responses on it. We also reviewed describing and rhyming words through the story. We hunted for all the describing words and rhyming pairs we could find in the book. We are also increasing our word bank by learning to use different words for common words like good, nice, walk......Stay tuned as we fill our word banks!!!!!

We had our first PYP assembly of the year. The third graders had everyone swinging and turning and stamping and SMILING with their song Hey Hey everybody by Mar.