Sunday, 18 May 2014

Presentation time!!!!!

This week we learnt so much more about the body systems. We had the 7th graders come to class and teach us about the different systems. They explained and made us do activities based on the different systems.

Thank you Ramon Sir and the 7th graders for arranging such an interesting and fun way of learning.

This week we presented about the body systems we have been researching about. We assessed our peers on their presentations.

A sneak peek into the presentations -

We continued to work on our animations and PPT presentations on the body systems. We helped each other click pictures and learnt how to create an animation using the open shot editor.

This week in Math we learnt about Carroll diagrams. 

Carroll diagram
• a sorting diagram named after Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson),
mathematician and author of "Alice in Wonderland".
• a Carroll diagram is used to sort items according to
the attributes of two or more categories.
• numbers or objects are categorised
as belonging or not belonging.

Carroll diagram


We found some fun math facts about the human body and shared them with our friends.