Saturday, 7 September 2013

Learning about the first supernova planet - Pangea

PANGEA- The Super Continent

Looking at a globe its hard to imagine that all these landmasses were once all joined together into one large super continent  - Pangea. If you look closely the Eastern coast of South America seems to fit perfectly, almost like a puzzle, into the Western coast of Eastern Africa. At the same time, North America can be rotated slightly, and made to fit comfortably next to Europe and Asia.  
       Scientists now believe that 250 million years ago, a super continent known as Pangea existed. This super continent was made up of all the continents on Earth. Over time, these have broken apart and drifted away from one another. This drift continues today, so that the form the Earth takes today is not by any means the final shape of our Earth.
        We began exploring the same in our classroom using the strategy of cover puzzle.

As the picture revealed itself we discussed and brainstormed and thought of what did it remind us of? ..... What else could it be?  ...... What does this piece make you think of?




 We reflected on the same and then researched about how Pangea split up and made a timeline for the same.